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The DAP Screaming Eagle SXE is built on the latest technologies from Borg Warner AirWerks® SX-E. This turbo is starts as a Genuine Borg Warner CHRA (compressor housing and rotating assembly) with a FMW (Forged Mill Wheel) which is better than "billet". Turbo may be modified for fitment by DAP with a machined compressor outlet flange and 90* elbow, and clamp for fitment. Turbo is available with a variety of turbine housing options to give you the spool up and flow that your engine needs. The increased flow and efficiency from the SXE turbos are much improved from turbos sold just a few years ago. Borg Warner AirWerks® S300SXE deliver up to a 3 percent increase in adiabatic compressor efficiency and up to 20 percent more flow with the same size compressor. Extra efficiency comes from many features like 360* extreme duty thrust, high flow compressor cover and updated designs on Forged Mill Wheel (FMW) compressors are included. The CHRA is assembled at Borg Warner's facility ensuring that components and assembly are top quality. The increased efficiency and flow bring cooler charge air temps and denser air results in more power and more complete combustion. The high flow compressor cover on the SXE series reduces restrictions and greatly increases flow on the larger compressor wheels. For example this improves the flow on the 66mm from 81 lbs/minute to almost 90lbs/minute with similar spool up! Those using the SXE turbos can often step down to a smaller compressor and have better response adn support more HP than many turbos sold just a few years ago.

This turbo will support 800HP on a commonrail 5.9L Dodge depending on elevation and turbine choice and flows approximately 112 lbs/minute. By comparison the stock HE351CW with 60mm compressor found on 2004.5-2007 Dodge Cummins 66lbs/minute and will support about 425HP. 2003-2004 HE341 has a smaller compressor and will support less HP.

Injector recommendations for a 2003-2007 5.9L with a big programmer would be 150-225HP Injectors with ECM tuning/ Programmer

Items Needed for Install:
• 2004.5-2007 will need Electronic Wastegate Fooler - 1453240
• Oil Drain Gasket
• 2x 3/8 Oil Drain Mounting Bolts
• 2x 3/8" Turbo/Manifold Mounting bolts
• 2x 3/8" nuts
• T3 or T4 Turbo/Manifold Gasket